Satluj Public School
  • Child Helpline No. 1098
  • Due to out-break of pandemic Covid 19 the school will be off till 10th May.
  • All the students have been given home assignments on phones.Let they complete and send to respective class teacher.
  • Periodic 1 online assessment will be held from 21st May onwards.

Computer Lab

The computer lab has 20 updated computers to conduct online Assessments of students from I to X, under the IT Company NIIT nguru that is a certified course. Computers are an important part of our lives today, simply because they perform many of our daily tasks. Today, computers are used across every sector and also in our personal lives to stay connected, automate tasks and analyze data. Because of its wide usage, it is important for students to learn the use and application of computers. NIIT books aim at simplifying technical terms and process in a way that the students can easily relate. The WIDGET series uses Window 7 as the operating system platform along with Office 2010.


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