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Workshop & Seminar

Seminars are capable of keeping the students updated with the technologies. Seminars provide latest information about the things which are happening in science and technology. Students cannot improve their knowledge from textbooks alone. They must be take part in various seminars on latest topics. The teachers should also take interest in conducting seminars for their students. Inviting eminent personalities who have achieved some feat in science and technology to take some seminars for the students greatly help them interact with present and ongoing advancements in the technical fields. 

Workshops are of a similar nature and relate to a course of study or work, especially of an experimental or creative kind. Workshops bring together a group of people working on a particular project or area of interest. Workshops are highly participative in nature.

They facilitate skill building through hands-on participation. Normally conducted in smaller groups, where attention is given to every participant, workshops help make learning easier. Examples of a workshop are a theatre workshop, carpentry workshop, horticulture workshop, etc.

Workshops and Seminars are important because - 

Improve Your Skills

Seminars or Workshops to help you develop new skills that can help you get ahead. For example, in our upcoming Training the Street Financial Modeling Workshop, attendees will learn how to use Excel, interpret data in a spreadsheet and manipulate and manage data. You will learn the best practices of using Excel to help you get ahead.

 Develop New Ideas

You may come up with a new way to handle things or a new ideas that you never considered before. Networking and listening to others share their ideas may be the ticket to get your wheels spinning. 

Receive Fresh Perspective

Workshops and seminars can address common problems or issues that business professionals may face on a regular basis. Participants can share their insights and thoughts on how to resolve the problem, which can offer a fresh perspective when dealing with the problem.

Encourage Dialogue

Seminars and Workshops are led by someone acting as a mediator. This allows for opening up the floor for discussion pertaining to the business world and hearing about other ideas on the topic – in a setting that encourages conversation.

Network for Your Career

workshops designed for you to network with companies for potential career opportunities. One of these upcoming events is our Leads Networking Group for MBA, MS students and Alumni, where you’ll have the opportunity to network and gain contacts at targeted companies.


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